The company TCC – sports services Ltd is a newly established company focused first of all on sports education of children and youth.

We deal almost with all sports activities. Our customer base is created by children from 3 years of age including also adults. Our services are specialized in versatile “spontaneous” movement and health exercises (health physical education) as well as coaching of performance (hobby) athletes and top level (professional) athletes.


Our project is very unique and it helps to improve the field of sports services.

Our goals

* Bring up health, self – confident, successful athletes and primarily people with health musculoskeletal system and with sporting potential on the top level.

* Attract the general public to healthful sport.

* Help to socially disadvantaged people to do sport.

* Show to unsportsmanlike people that doing sport is fun.

We provide complex sports services in many types of exercises such as fitness exercises, recondition exercises, compensative exercises, technique exercises, coordination and regeneration exercises as well as physiotherapy and psychological (mental) services.

Our coaches are academically educated and licensed with professional experiences. They specialize in given type of exercise or in some type of sport.


We offer sports practices and training for athletes of different types of sports activity such as ice hockey, figure skating, football, athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rugby, handball, golf or field hockey. We offer our sports practices and training also for elementary and high schools, universities, hobby athletes and sports enthusiast.

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