We cooperate:

Personal fitness coach

Individually in accordance with your needs
  • During these complex individual practices you will be under supervision by your own coach, who will draft a complex exercise plan serving your needs and demands.
  • Your coach will be making sure that you are doing every single exercise right so that you can have a good feeling and that the exercises is fulfilling your expectations.
  • We pay attention to quality, not quantity.
  • Practices are designed to mainly focus on your health, to help you get rid of a back pain, etc.
  • We are offering several practice options: weight reducing, strengthening etc. - it depends only on you what is your goal or a priority.
  • Our coach will show you more ways how to make your exercises program more effective for example how to adjust your day schedule, how to adjust your fluid intake and eating habits, you will be offered a consultation with a professional nutritionist who will make an individual diet plan just for your needs. If you will need any extra food supplements we can offer “My protein” products for a good price. Next we can recommend to visit our physiotherapist who will fully examine your body condition. After the examination we can start working correctly with your body from the physical and psychical point of view.