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Skating lessons on ice for 5 to 7 years old children

Purpose of this program

  • It fits to the general sport development of a child
  • Under professional supervision, we will teach them how to skate correctly from the beginning
  • Enables children that are not able to skate on daily basis to try it out
  • Possibility for teachers to involve ice skating lessons in a school activity program and to see how is skating taught
  • Doctors recommend ice skating as a prevention and a treatment for asthmatics (dry cold air)


  • September - February (outside yearly swimming lessons)
  • 12 lessons (1 per week)


  • To make a healthy relationship for a winter sport and to get used to be in a winter environment
  • By learning how to skate you will start to develop kinetic learning
  • Injury prevention (acquired skills at a young age will children consider as natural, they will act naturally in this environment after they grow up)

Additional information

  • Pedagogic staff doesn’t have to get involved in the lessons
  • It is possible to borrow skates (limited), children should have their own helmets (bycicle helmets, hockey helmets)