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Appropriate skating technique sessions - TCC SKATE ZONE

TCC Skate zone,
is a specialized training center mainly for ice hockey players, that want to improve their efficiency, condition, and coordination on skates. Sessions are focused on skating analysis and finding solutions to detected problems. 
You can also visit our center to regain your condition and the right technique after the absence of training due to injuries or other issues.
Skatemill is a great solution pre or mid-season, thanks to its availability and price.

Particular stations in the TCC Skate zone:

  • Skatemill - belt improving efficiency and skating technique 
  • Pro Skater - trainer for long-slide with resistance to notice the pressure of foot in the skate
  • Slackline - balance belts for improving stability and solidness of the body
  • Slideboard - mat for exercising slides and push-offs

Superstructure to particular stations in the TCC Skate zone:

  • Game Changer - response display improving stickhandling and reactions
  • Reaction obstacles 
  • Hockey revolutios - application extending the utilization of Game Chander

Used technologies:

  • Every movement in the TCC skate zone is monitored by several cameras. Records are directly shown to the client in slow motion to instant feedback and elimination of mistakes. 
  • Every our client obtains, for the session, a sport-tester (chest band with physiology data), which is shown to the coach, so we can maximize the efficiency of the training

Consultation and reservations on +420 776 736 828

Booking options: if you choose a lesson for 1 player, you will have the Skatemill and the trainer all to yourself for the whole selected time. If you choose a 2-player lesson, someone else can sign up for the lesson, or you can sign up a friend, a teammate, or we can add someone to the lesson. Time in the Skate Zone is 30 or 60 minutes.
[ the reservation system (Reservanto) is in trial operation, please report any shortages to us, we will solve them ]